Robyn's Nest Creative Learning Center, Inc

Robyn's Nest Creative Learning Center Inc.

69 Robyn's Nest Lane

Pittsboro, NC 27312

Phone:  919-542-9977

Fax:  919-542-3338


Welcome To Robyn's Nest

Robyn's Nest Creative Learning Center, Inc. opened the Pittsboro center September 11, 2000.  We are a privately owned center which is dedicated to higher levels of learning in a safe, moral, and healthy environment.  We strive to provide innovative programs and we also strive to satisfy our parents. 

Our Philosophy and Goals

Our goal is to help children develop into confident, competent human beings, endowed with a zest for life and an appetite for all that life offeres.  We invite and encourage children to think creatively, to use all their senses, and to become involved in all facets of learning.  We also strive to promote the emotional, social, and intellectual development of each child at his or her own pace in a safe, positive environment.  Our classrooms have been designed to encourage exploration and creativity as children play both individually and as a group.

Our Goals

1.  To provide an environment that helps develop and meet the needs of the whole child, in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.

2.  To provide a well-defined program that is child centered and experience oriented for all age levels.

3.  To guide each child to develop a sense of responsibility for his/her own actions.

4.  To strive to develop relationships of mutual trust with families we serve.

5.  To help each child find happiness and satisfaction in accomplishments, thus developing a positive self-esteem.

6.  To recognize and respect through inclusion, the uniqueness and potential of all children.

7.  To provide Biblical principles and positive character traits such as honesty, dependability, and loyalty.

8.  To have respect toward their self, others and the environment.

9.  The most important priority is that each child has FUN!!!!!!!!